Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Ma Hamazar, Aki?

I’m sitting in the Washington Dulles Airport at gate B45 amongst a bunch of strangers that I already love! This is an interesting phenomenon, where we are all wearing name tags and part of the same organization but none of us know eachother! When I was passing through security in Salt Lake City there was a girl behind me. I struck up conversation thinking that she was one of us only to find out that her name is MorAnne and she is from Tel Aviv! She was so friendly though, and said she was jealous that we are going to her city. She is on her way to school in Vancouver, Canada. I asked her what I should know about Jerusalem and she said, “Dress conservatively.” Good to hear that from a local source. She also taught me the above phrase which means, "What's up, dude?" We exchanged info and I hope we keep in touch. The tender mercies have begun!

Playing cards on one of our long layovers.

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