Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mission Accomplised

Thank goodness I played tetrus growing up, because this packing job was a trick! I have all my toiletries, shoes and clothing in my suitcase to check and it is exactly fifty pounds. My computer, camera, scriptures, Collected Works of Oscar Wilde (Annie fit that one in, bless her heart!) and various other school supplies are in a carry-on bag and all the music I am taking will slip in the pocket of my violin case. Whew! It's late, but I figure it's just acclimating me to the time difference (ac-tim-ating?). And besides, everyone knows a good packing job never wraps up before 2 a.m.

Sweet Dreams!

P.S. My violin is my official think that they will consider my duffel (which the size of a small country) to be a purse? Cross your fingers...

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