Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Running Errands

We are leaving for Egypt tomorrow in the wee hours of the morning. I'll be there for nine days ('till September 25) and we will have no internet access, so don't be expecting any updates until then when you will get Egypt in one giant flood!

Today after classes we went into the Old City to run some errands...literally. We had hardly any time so after exchanging money, picking up a pair of hiking jeans (speed-bartering: I got him down to $12...I kept laughing thinking of Max quoting that Monte Python where the merchant wants to rotten luck, he didn't throw in a gourd for ten) and enough granola bars to feed a third-world country (and by that I mean feed me while visiting a third-world country...apparently the food there makes most people very sick so unless I get it steaming hot, and I mean they've incinerated the boogers out of that food, I will be sticking to my granola bars, thank you) we RAN from Damascus Gate to the JC. It's about a mile and a half uphill and we ran it in ten minutes carrying backpacks and groceries! We stubbled breathlessly into Arabic and thank goodness Ayman was in a good mood today and just teased us for being hot and very sweaty with no lasting reprimands for coming in two minutes late. He is pretty strict about tardiness so we were very blessed.

Now I'm headed downstairs to pack. The advantage to a sparse wardrobe? Packing is a cinch.

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