Sunday, September 6, 2009

The Good Samaritan

Free Day! I spent the morning doing homework (I have 173 more pages to read before Wednesday) and then a bunch of us went into the city at eleven. We can't leave the JC without our lanyard which has our keys, phone and most importantly ID card. We swipe our card on the way out so they know we're gone and on the way in so they know we're home! The security crew here is extraordinary! They are really patient with us loosing stuff and getting lost...and they keep us so safe! The head security man comes to the center every night in the middle of the night and sneaks over the wall to see if his people will catch him, that way they arealwayslooking for somebody! Genius, huh?

The city was a lot less crowded today and we explored the Christian Quarter for the first time. The Church of the Holy Sepulcher was so fascinating! I won't bore you with a history quiz, but look it up if you're interested. It is like a microcosm for the religious fervor and tension that resounds in the city. We took a photo excursion through East Jerusalem for the rest of the afternoon and happened upon a heavily-trafficked street where a car had stalled, blocking traffic. Everyone was honking adamantly but not one person was offering assistance. Aaron jumped right out there to give him a hand and then other guys started following him until ten of them pushed him up and over the hill where he could get out of the way. I thought it was great to see an American, usually viewed overseas as selfish and disruptive, lend the first hand. One more point for BYU!

We met some very nice merchants that we will be visiting again. I've learned a few more conversational words the only trouble is knowing when to greet them in Hebrew and when in Arabic! It is a very sensitive situation.

Tonight I ushered at a concert in the JC. I was chatting with guests before and met eight people from Paris! It was so fun to brush up on my French with them. The recall rate has slowed down a bit but it really comes back as you use it! The concert was a small, Jewish, a cappella choir and the title was, "Negro Spirituals." Need I say more? It was so fun!

To bed.

Aaron took this. He has some sort of little kid
charm...every time I try to photograph them
they wave their hands and say, "No, no."

A bunch of us girls in the Old City.

Aaron the photographer, always on the hunt for a good shot.

Aaron helps push the car uphill.


  1. MOLLY. just caught your blog for the first time. it is great to hear about your experiences in that amazing place. wish i was there on the plane with you to talk to Leon and wish i was there in Jerusalem for many of your experiences. i had a Ramadan break fast dinner with some dear friends of mine right before i left--i love arabs and i love their food and language. enjoy every minute of it.
    much love,

  2. Hi Molly,
    Love your blog. Makes me homesick. I truly love it there. I can hardly wait for Nov!!! Beware of folks who say they are the person you're looking for. Be certain you go to the address the JC gives you to change your money.
    Have your met Bassam, yet? Please give him my love. Thanks for your sweet thank you note. I love you, Nanny

  3. Oh so jealous! Bien fait avec les Francaises! Hope you keep enjoying every minute!
    Love you,