Saturday, September 12, 2009

Friendship as a Hobby

Shabbat Shalom! Church today was wonderful. There are five violists here in the program. We all collaborated to give a musical number and it really was glorious. Those girls are so kind and unassuming and, with our combined efforts, the Lord really touched the congregation.

In Relief Society we were discussing the importance of fellowshipping and extending our hearts in friendship to those around us. There is one woman in the branch here who works in some peace organizations and she said several years ago she was eating at a dinner next to a woman from Germany. They were discussing hobbies and after this sister presented the typical answers (traveling, photography, reading, crafts, etc.) the German woman replied, “My hobby is friendship.” I found that so powerful. I want to spend enough time and effort befriending and loving people that I can call it a hobby.

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  1. Hi, dear Molly,
    Just got caught up reading your entries. They reflect exactly what I hoped would happen to you. Jerusalem taught me so much! Try this poem for size: [loved your Haiku!]

    Beneath the Violet Windows - Gethsemane October 17, 1976

    Dear Lord Jesus,
    Thou who lovest
    The people of the Mosque,
    Who would have gathered
    The people of the synagogue,
    Whose arms continue open
    To each saffron-robed monk
    And searching nun,
    Lord of the children
    And the childlike,
    Pulled by thy love,
    Seized by thy suffering,
    Drawn to thee
    By everlasting cords,
    I come!

    Ann Madsen