Saturday, February 13, 2010


I know that this blog has technically drawn to a close since my Middle Eastern adventures are over...if you don't count the occasional dreams about the Holy Land from which I awake, teary-eyed and down-hearted. BUT the other adventures that life has to bring in this little tiny town in South-Eastern Idaho may still be worth blogging about, specifically the ones relating to my MISSION! That's right folks, I'm going.

My papers are 86.3% complete (give or take an immunization or two) and I will tell you as soon as they are officially submitted. In the mean time, Mom gave the kitchen bulletin board a make-over and it is now serving as a "Guess Where Molly Will Be Serving" prediction map. The only continents left empty are Africa and Antarctica. If you have a prediction feel free to chime in and I'll put a pin up with your name on it. I have my own inklings and of course I must emphasize that this sort of game is all in good spirits of excitement and anticipation but I know too well that the Lord has a specific place in mind and he has been preparing me for that place my whole life. I cannot wait!

Besides the mission developments, school is both fanatical and fantastical. I am very busy as both full time student and a part-time employee. I love music more than ever and have found it deeply fulfilling this semester after having discovered my song in the Holy Land. How sweet it is to sing once it is found! I continue to love the Lord and am astounded at His blessings which seem to perpetuate in my life at almost an alarming rate. As I feel His love for me more deeply I begin to see also how much He loves others. It is through this small, daily epiphanies that I am blanketed with confidence that a mission is the right direction for my life right now.

Hurrah for Israel!


  1. Nice Molly! I'm so excited for you, undoubtedly you will do great things and be an incredible missionary. As for my guess, I'm gonna say, Ghana, Africa. :)

    P.S. My papers are in and I'll be getting my call next week (Thursday?). Exciting times I tell ya!
    P.P.S. I don't have your phone number...

  2. Dear Molly,

    How exciting! I'm glad I checked in on you. Congratulations on your decision to serve! That's perfect. Okay, I want to make a guess. Will you really put a pin up with my name on it? That is all too exciting. I'm guessing Johannesburg, South Africa.
    Just to mix it up.