Sunday, November 1, 2009

Best Day

I took the day to be blown by the wind in the Old City and here’s what I got:

Best feeling: First stop, handing a plate of peanut-butter cookies to our new friend, Frater Pietrush (Brother Peter) a Franciscan monk at St. Savior’s. His face lit up and he was so happy to try “sweets American way.” Picture the friar in Disney’s Robin Hood and then give him a German accent. Too cute.

Best buy: Merimecko apron for $1.75

Best laugh: Louie (Palestinian-Irish man born in Ogden, Utah and now owns a little restaurant) said God must look at us and say, “Those funky creatures!” Maybe you had to be there....

Best Acquaintance made: David ben Kitty, the kitten who snuggled up to me while I was studying in the Austrian Hospice Gardens. I am waiting to see if he had any fleas that I made friends with as well. So far so good.

Best future outing: Omar at the falafel place close to Damascus Gate. He works at Hebrew University and gave us his number so he can set up a tour for us as well as introduce us to some of the Palestinian students there.

Best idea: taking my raincoat with me. It is suddenly Winter and we were rained on several times!

Best Photo: on its way!

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