Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm usually not this idealistic...

I had the privilege of experiencing the Holocaust Museum at Yad Vashem today. I was deeply affected mostly by the stories. We all know the hard facts, but to take time to get to know the victims from what they left behind. There were a couple of stories that really moved me, but I don't think this is the time to relate them. I emerged with a renewed determination to live with wide open eyes and never passively stand by persecution. One element that I found very disturbing is the chain of responsible persons on a display. There was an interview from the conductor of the train station at the Polish town closest Auschwitz. He was just a citizen working at the train station and he knew where they were headed but sent the train through every time anyways. When someone asked him how it felt to be involved in the murders he insisted he had no part in it. The system was such that either everyone was guilty or no one was to blame. I want to be the type of citizen that always steps up and takes the initiative no matter the cost.


  1. Dearest Molly!!!
    I can't tell you how much I LOVE reading all about your adventures in Jerusalem!! All of your pictures are so perfect and it looks like you're having the time of your LIFE! I talked with your amazing Mom on the phone about a month ago and it made my day :) I love you so much darling!!!!! Can't wait to hear your voice again!! What do you think about another fun get-together after you get home from Jerusalem?? Love you!!
    Aubs :)

  2. Aubrey Darling!
    Thanks for the shout out : ) I'm in for another fun get-together! I miss you like crazy, too! Do you know Katherine Hawker? She is a violin major that is here in Jerusalem with me. She knows you and we talk about how wonderful you are all the time. How's your semester going?