Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sick Day

Still sick today. Everyone went into to Tel Aviv to spend his or her free day on the beach but I opted to stay behind. I don’t want to be caught nauseated in the middle of a city. So today will just be a chill-ax day. Maybe I’ll finally get this blog updated!

Everything I eat seems to make me sicker but Sister Emmett dropped by some Gatorade and Tums and Sister Allen brought by an electric heating pad, both of which seem to be helping a bit. Thank goodness for surrogate mothers! Also, Brother Whipple stopped by with some world music for me to listen to. All these Middle Eastern modes and quarter-tones are fascinating! I’ll tell which bands end up being my favorite tomorrow.


  1. I think it's funny how you update your blog five posts at a time. And it's cool to read about your grandfather's influence and how you get to hear so many stories about him.

  2. : )

    Haha you found me out! I tend to write my blog updates in a word document in my room and then when I catch some internet do mass updating! It is just because internet here is so spotty.

    That is also why there aren't any pictures for the last month. When I get up to Hebrew University I'll get those up to date as well.

  3. How fun that I made it into your blog! Hope you are feeling better when you read this. I fasted for you today. My Shabbat has been wonderful. Every part of the three hour block had a message for me. I feel so invigorated by such meetings. Conference is still seeping into my soul as well.
    Try some mint tea. I bet the kitchen has fresh mint or there used to be some in the Biblical Garden. I love you, Nanny

  4. Thanks so much for fasting, Nanny. I am feeling better! I have a tender mercy to share with you...remind me next time we talk. Love and Blessings!