Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Last month my Sony Cybershot went on an untimely fritz; the warranty had expired three days previously. Lacking the funds to repair it I pulled out Dad's old Nikon D70. It has been gathering dust in a box for four years since, after he died, the charger was nowhere to be found. I figured $10 for battery charger from eBay beat $100+ to repair my point-and-shoot. Well, I finally got the battery juiced up and I'm testing the waters. There are drawbacks: 6 megapixels. Tiny LCD. Just plain heavy, even for an SLR. The thing is a beast but I stumbled across an awesome website that is saving my life! I'm getting the hang of all the gadgets and already I like it better than my Cybershot. Thanks, Dad!

Camera: check

photo: playing around in my room

p.s. Yes. I know there are smudges all over my mirror...

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